Frequently asked questions about our dashboard.

How do I know if someone is assigned to my task?

You will be notified through email as soon as we assign the expert to your task.

How do I know my task's status?

Our dashboard categorize the status into 4 phases, Unlimited Requests, Results Added, Revisions & Handover. It has a drag and drop functionality to move the task cards from one phase to another. If your task is in the Revision column it means your task is being revised.

I am renting a full-time graphic designer. Now I want to rent a web developer. What is the process?

It has a very simple process to do this. Login into dashboard, go to Account page and click Rent more experts button. Click on Rent web developers > select developer > choose plan & purchase. You can rent both experts at a same time.

Do I get notifications when someone comment or upload files on my task card?

Yes! You'll be notified via email and notification bar itself.

Can I chat with my team inside DesignPac's dashboard?

Dashboard doesn't have chat feature now. You can communicate with your experts in comment sections but Slack is always there to have quick conversation.

Can I cancel the requested task? If yes, how?

Simply delete the task by clicking on delete button located in task detail pop up.