Get to know the answers of general questions about DesignPac and its services.

Where is your company based?

DesignPac has office locations in Louisville, Kentucky and Kathmandu, Nepal.

What is the difference of hiring a freelancer and renting an expert from you?

Here are the few differences of hiring a freelancer vs DesignPac's experts:
Unreliable: Freelancer will just disappear and there is very little that client or anybody can do about it.
Valuing your business reputation, DesignPac as a company will never disappear like freelancers. Substitute experts are stand by even if your current one leaves.
Fees: An inexpensive fee of freelancers can break your bank and cheap freelancers can break your project. Upfront payment and revision fees are also required.
Risk free guarantee! Try us and get a full refund if you don't like us. Our fees are affordable than your local market rates.
Security: Freelancer may not be located in the same country or region and so he may be governed by different rules and regulations. So it can be tough to enforce a law.
We are a registered company in US & Nepal. All our employees are bound by our rules and policies. Worry not! We care our experts and experts care your business. There is no-brainer.
Resources: A freelancer with a laptop from home lacks in the infrastructural facilities, conductive development environment, communication facilities and capabilities, or the project involved technologies.
Whether it’s about infrastructural facilities, conductive development environment, communication facilities and capabilities, or the project involved technologies, a dedicated web expert from an agency will have all these traits compare to a freelancer.
Dedication Level: A freelancer works individually and for many clients simultaneously. They might have the caliber but to handle many projects and work on them at the same time delays the deadline. Or you may not get quick response and service at the time you want.
Dedication Level: The web expert you rented will be assigned to you and work dedicated just for you. We have admins/PMs overseeing everything between you and expert to ensure your satisfaction.

How can DesignPac take my business to the next level?

By providing vetted & qualified web experts to help your business compete in the global marketplace.

Why should I rent web experts from DesignPac?

Not only we offer solutions your business needs at affordable rates, our renting models in various plans help to leverage your company by saving tons of money and time.

Do you work on the weekends?

DesignPac is open during regular business hours Monday-Friday. Projects may be extradited for an additional rate.

What problems does DesignPac help me solve?

Finding web professionals is easy, they are everywhere these days. However finding qualified professionals at an affordable rate is not an easy task. DesignPac fills the gap between qualified and affordable with our team of experts waiting to begin your next creative tasks.

How can I contact your support?

You can contact our support team directly by emailing at [email protected]

Do you have your own task management tool?

Yes, we have our inbuilt task management tool like Trello which is named 'Dashboard'. You can create & handle task's progress. Learn how you can manage the task here.

Do you have referral program?

Yes we do. Clients have a referral link associated with their account. Clients will receive 10% the cash value spent by their referee towards their own services.