Manage Tasks

Please have a read. It helps to clear your confusion of handling tasks in our dashboard.
Before managing the task you must know to create the task. It is very easy to create a task in DesignPac's dashboard. Once you have logged in to the dashboard you see the page 'Task board' like below:
To create the task you should click on the circle with '+' icon at the bottom left corner.
Here are the steps after clicking that 'create' button.
  • Step 1 : Enter the task title, task description, upload necessary files and hit the 'Create' button.
Thats all! There is only one step to create the task. High five ✋
You can also add more files, comments and checklists by clicking the recently created task from 'Unlimited Request' column.

Manage Task

Wait until your assigned expert come back with the result or queries. You will see your task in the 'Result Added' column when there is a result. You will get the notifications if there are comments by the expert. You will be notified via email too.
Click and drag the task card to 'Revision' column if you want to revise or change the result. Don't forget to write the changes you want to make in the comment section.